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Why modern law firms thrive on Filevine.

Filevine offers fully custom case management built for plaintiff-side law firms. From collaborating on case files with your team to communicating with clients via texting, Filevine turns your practice into a powerhouse. Some are even reporting an increase in productivity of over 67%.

Maybe that’s why firms using Filevine are settling more cases, running more cases with fewer staff, and growing their practice while still taking care of clients.

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What our clients say

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We were able to stop worrying about documents getting lost or forgotten about on a desktop. We can access them right from their correlating case in the office or on the go. Genius.

- Jacqueline , Bighorn Law
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We have a common real-time workplace that keeps us on track by allowing us to see the big picture view of all cases down to the individual tasks. We’re alerted to what needs to be done –in real-time, every day.

- Brandon , Anderson Kidman Law
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We can connect tasks, alerts, and assignments to specific dates that appear in our daily task feeds so everyone knows what’s coming down the pipeline and when it needs to be done.

- Mandee , United Legal

Does it work?

Firms using Filevine are reporting an increase in productivity of over 67%. That means the Filevine system is allowing firms to grow their business without growing their overhead. Read the whitepaper here.

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