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Project Management & Collaboration

Filevine is case management software with the soul of project management technology. All conversations, notes, and tasks are organized in real-time. By treating each case as a project that needs to get done (not just organized), cases move forward smoothly.

Project Management & Collaboration

How things get done.

Great cases are not born great, they are made great. But making a great case requires coordination of teams. Filevine houses and organizes all conversations, notes, discussions, tasks, comments, and questions in one place. You can see how information relates and how people interact. The progress of the case is not fractured between email, text messages, instant messages, and physical files. Tasks are completed on the same page and in the same place as the rest of the case. You can assign, be assigned, and loop in any employee, client, medical provider, expert or witness to be a part of the conversation. Legal technology has finally joined the future.