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12 Jan, 2018

Podcast: A Voice For The Voiceless

Join us as we sit down with the country’s best attorneys to talk about their processes and practices, as well as their outlook on the always-changing legal landscape. New episodes every Friday!




In many ways, Lauren Calvert has an iconic Las Vegas practice. Her past clients include big names like MGM Mirage and the government of Dubai’s investment arm, and also the lesser known names of women who work inside Las Vegas’s strip clubs who are fighting for better treatment in their work. She’s an expert of complex litigation, including mass tort and class action law suits, and she works at Bighorn Law.


In this episode, Lauren describes the amazing work she is doing to help under-represented workers seek compensation for workplace harassment, assault, or under-paid wages. We also learn about her backstory: how she came to be a lawyer, the bumpy road along the way, and how good people can be to those who need a helping hand.


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