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09 Nov, 2017

Filevine Now Integrates with Primafact


We’re excited to announce our integration with Primafact, leading litigation document management software. With this integration, litigators can now manage cases at the speed of Filevine and the power of Primafact!


About Primafact:

Primafact is powerful document management for your litigation practice. Instantly locate a fact, develop a position, streamline document review and share with others. Primafact manages all of your evidentiary documents so you can:

  • Pinpoint Key Facts and Statements:

    With Prima­fact’s unique Binder Index and robust text search­ing you will immediately find anything in your case.

  • Streamline Team Workflow:

    Document in-take and review is onerous. With Primafact’s dedicated in-take and workflow tools, teams efficiently receive, review and organize high volumes of case materials.

  • Manage Service and Productions:

    From tracking privilege and service to creating witness checklists, managing files is labor intensive. Primafact provides your team with the tools to make these tasks as efficient and cost effective as possible.

  • Monitor Case Development:

    Cases involve numerous delegated tasks, follow-ups, undertakings and other work. Primafact’s robust task management ensures your case is ready when you are.


Visit to learn more about how to make your practice more efficient with litigation document management.


Integrating with Primafact:

Firms using Filevine and Primafact can now enjoy two key integration points:

  • Seamless Switching Between Programs:

    Users now be able to switch between Filevine and Primafact while staying on the same case. If you are working on a file in Primafact and wish to see case management status, switching to Filevine will automatically select the case currently displayed in Primafact. Similarly, if you are working on a file in Filevine and wish to dig more deeply into supporting documentation, switching to Primafact will automatically select the case displayed in Filevine. This will provide users with an extended work space to take advantage of the strengths of each program without the need to select cases separately in the two programs.

  • Add Notes to a Filevine Activity Feed from Primafact (including a link):

    It will be very useful for users for Primafact to add items into the Filevine Activity Feed. Notifications may include receipt of key evidentiary documents, high priority messages/notes and task assignments. By including a link inside the Note, users will be able to click and automatically open Primafact and see the originating document/task/annotation displayed in the Filevine Activity Feed. User customization in Primafact will allow users to control what will be sent to the Activity feed. An embedded URL in the Note will allow users to open Primafact to the referenced data item.


Users with access to both Filevine and Primafact can now take advantage of these exciting new features from within Filevine.

To learn more about how you can enable this integration, contact us at


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Author Ryan Anderson , on Twitter @RyanM_Anderson

Ryan Anderson is the CEO and productivity guru behind Filevine. When he's not designing products to make people more efficient he is racing on his bike, or watching BYU football. On Twitter, he is @RyanM_Anderson.

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