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 01 Feb, 2017

#Found: the Information Revolution Comes to Case Management

The average information worker spends two hours every day searching for information (a number that’s probably higher for document-swamped legal workers). But a bit of overpriced tea set off the American Revolution — and the next information revolution is hatching from something as small as four little crossing lines. #GetReady. Attorneys and their legal teams […]

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Ryan Anderson

by Ryan Anderson Features, Productivity



 07 Apr, 2016

Efficient, Secure, and . . . Smiley? Legal E-Signatures go Mobile

A signature is a little bit of abra-cadabra. Take legislation, for example: some words on a paper transform from Bill to Law because the hand of a head honcho makes some inky swoops. But no ink was involved when President Bill Clinton signed in the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 […]

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